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Parallel Parking

Drive forward and stop parallel to a parked car not more than one metre away from the parked car. Select reverse gear.

Look around  to check it's safe to move off.

Drive back very slowly and watch for the corner of the parked car appearing in the side window.

When you can see the corner of the red car, turn the wheel to the left one full turn.

Check the road ahead and the road behind over your right shoulder.

If it's safe, continue reversing until the front of the car aligns with the back of the parked car.

Turn the wheel fully to the right, watching you clear the blue car. The car will begin to swing in towards the kerb. Here you will be close to the kerb.

Still move the car very slowly and take off some of the right lock so that the front of your car does not swing in too far.

Check your distance from the kerb.

Keep your car within two car lengths. Here you should be close to the kerb.

If you need to correct your position you are allowed to move forward and backwards to get it right. But too much will be frowned upon by the Examiner.

If you are not in the middle of the road and not on the kerb you should be ok.