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MSPSL Routine

The Mirror Signal Position Speed Look routine Mirror

If you intend to move to the left, check Centre Mirror then Left Mirror. If you intend to move to the right, check Centre Mirror then Right Mirror. Make sure you take note of what you see.


If you intend to move left, Signal Left. If you intend to move right, Signal Right. If your indicator stalk is on the left then down is left, up is right. If your indicator stalk is on the right then down is right, up is left. Be carefull with your signals, try not to confuse other drivers or pedestrians. For example: if you are turning into a junction, make sure there are no other turns or laybuys that you could be pulling into, hense confusing others. If you signal to soon it may be that others behind you think you are going to pull over to the left and stop.


Position depends on where this routine is being used. If for example you are turning left at a juntion (Major road to minor road,) your position would remain the driving line. 1 meter from the kerb (When posible). For more details on position see the individual pages for turning right, left, etc...


Speed is relivant to where the routine is being used. This will involve gentle braking and possibly a gear change, mostly into second (but not always) you can determine the speed needed by the serverity of the junction you are turning into, obsticals that may be there and how much you can see into the junction.


Look is again relevant to where routine is being used. Always look early, and don't stare, you main focus should be on where you are going. The MSPSL routine, When ?

MSPSL is used, every time you approach a junction you intend to turn into, or out of, left or right. When you approach roundabouts, traffic lights, on one-way systems, The MSPSL routine, Why ?

If you intend to change your positon in the road, then you need to know what is in the position you intend to move to, you also need to know if anything is already trying to get into the position you intend to move to,(especially when changing lanes.) Hence the need to check the center mirror, (What is behind me ?). Then the left or right mirror (Depending on the direction you are moving) (Is there anything trying to get where I want to be ?) Signal is to let others know what you intend to do. Speed is determined by what you are doing, this may involve changeing down gears, Keep them seperate, Mirror first, then signal, then position, then speed, then look.