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The DSA Driving Test Examiner

Rain Forest Blue Mountains


What the Driving Test Examiner is looking for?

During the driving test the examiner is looking to make sure a test candidate fulfill the criteria below. To pass your driving test you will have to drive to what is known as level 5 standard i.e.

you must be able to carry out all required driving skills consistently and without any prompting.

All the controls such as foot pedals, gear stick and steering should be handled smoothly. You should:

  • make proper use of the accelerator and clutch to make a smooth start
  • always press down on the clutch before stopping
  • select the correct gear to match the road and traffic conditions
  • change gear in good time but not too soon before a hazard
  • don't allow the vehicle to coast by running in neutral or with the clutch depressed
  • avoid looking at the gear stick when changing gear
  • use the foot brake smoothly and progressively
  • brake in plenty of time for any hazard
  • make full use of the parking brake where necessary
  • steer the vehicle as smoothly as possible
  • avoid harsh steering or steering too early or too late

Moving Away
The test candidate should move away safely, under control, on the level, from behind a parked car and where practicable, on a hill, with the correct observations.

Emergency Stop
Even and progressive braking should be demonstrated. There should be no locking of the wheels. In wet weather conditions the candidate should understand that the stopping distance could be doubled.

Reverse To The Left or Right
Should be executed under full control and with reasonable accuracy. Good all-round observation is essential as is responding correctly to other road users.

Turn In The Road
Must be executed under full control. Good all-round observation is essential as is responding correctly to other road users and good low speed control of the vehicle.


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