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Intensive Driving Courses Derby


 Block booking 10 Hours over 2 days £28 per Hour

 Block booking 15 Hours over 3 days £28 per Hour

 Block booking 20 Hours over 4 days £28 per Hour

This course for pupils with a safe basic control of the vehicle, and have attempted some manoeuvres.

 Block booking 25 Hours over 5 days £28 per Hour

This course is suitable for pupils who have had a little driving experience. Only if they feel 25 hours would be enough

 Block booking 30 Hours over 6 days £28 per Hour

For pupils who can move off and stop the vehicle using the Mirror, Signal, Manouvre(msn) routine and have okay steering control, or really confident beginners only.

 Block booking 36 Hours over 7 days £28 per Hour

This course is designed for anybody confident with very little or no experience behind the wheel.

 Block booking 40 Hours over 8 days £28 per Hour

This course is designed for anybody with a little less confidence with no experience behind the wheel.

  Block booking 48 Hours over 10 days £28 per Hour

This course is designed for anybody who knows that driving may not come to them naturally, the slower pace and the fact you can do it over more days definitely would benefit you.

Areas covered 

Derby and Burton