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Cockpit Drill

Cock pit drill


What is the Cockpit Drill and why do I need to know it?

The cockpit drill is an exercise carried out at the start of a lesson to set the car up for the driver, it consists of Doors, Seat, Steering, Seatbelt and Mirrors. It is abbreviated as the D.S.S.S.M routine.


We use this routine whenever we get into a car for the first time, as a Learner driver it will be the first thing you are taught and also the first thing you will do at the start of each lesson.

The routine is set out in a specific way so no to have to do things twice, i.e. if you were to set your mirrors first then move you seat, you may need to change your mirrors again.

Doors Before you start your engine you must check that all doors are closed and locked as appropriate. Seat & Steering

You should adjust your seat so that you have a good view of the road and that all of the controls are within a comfortable reach. You should also adjust your headrest so as to prevent whiplash in event of an accident. Seatbelt

It is your responsibility to ensure that all occupants of the car are wearing seatbelts, you are LEGALLY reponsible for passengers under 14 years of age.

Mirrors You should adjust the centre and door mirrors for maximum rear view.